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The Opportunities

The coffee sector is saturated with generalist quality & high prices, provided by corporate chains

Independent cafés do exist however these businesses are even more expensive

Perks founder Tom believes that, everyone should be able to experience luxury, and what better way to start your day, than with a coffee


Mental illness affects 1 in 4 people each year in England

Having suffered this first hand, Tom, wanted to help unite people against mental health stigma to aid those suffering in silence

Psychiatrists focus on 3 key areas when addressing mental health. Therapy, Medication & Social Environment

The later is where Perk come in, providing awareness through products & social media as well as donations to the mental health charity, Mind

The Solutions

Hundreds of additional bakery items are available to order, via email & at site

(Orders must be placed by 11:30am for next day collection)

Patisserie, Breads, Cakes...

(Add messages to cakes for occasions)

95% Customer Retention

"Great mobile coffee solution. Great service. Would highly recommend"

- Amazon

Customer Loyalty

10% of Merch sales go to Mind Mental Health Charity

For support, for respect, for you

Site No.1

Slough Station Main Entrance | SL1 1XW

Monday - Friday
7am - 3pm

On request


100% fairtrade coffee & sustainable packaging, protecting our environment

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